Saturday, October 12, 2013

List of keyboard shortcuts for Facebook users

Facebook can be used with or without mouse. Clicking is known to all. Have a list of handy "keyboard shortcuts" while using Facebook. This will make your navigation more easier as your hands are continuously on your keyboard while typing. Instead of using mouse, moving to that option and clicking, just by using your hands tactics and fast approach will open the options or click on any option or do any task of your choice. 

Just few keyboard keys will help you for doing tasks. For every option that we click on the Facebook page has different combinations of keyboards. 

Again the keyboard combinations are not the same for all browsers. Every browser has different set of keyboard combinations for a particular task in Facebook. 

Let us begin with the set of keys that can be used in different browsers. According to your browser, select those keys with the key that is used for a particular task. 

For Firefox users: 
PC:      Use "Shift + Alt + #"
Mac:    Use "Ctrl + Opt + #"

For Chrome users:

PC:      Use "Alt + #"
Mac:    Use "Ctrl + Opt + #"

For Internet Explorer users: 
Use "Alt + #" and then Enter
Now, the keys that should be used with the above keyboard combinations in the place of "#" are : 
For example, if you want to open a new message , then use Alt + Shift + M in Firefox. 

  • To open a new message :      M

  • To go to Facebook search :  ? 

  • To open Home page :           1

  • To go to your profile page :  2

  • To see friend requests :        3

  • To open messages :             4

  • To look at the notifications : 5

  • To go to your Account settings : 6 

  • To go to your privacy settings : 7 

  • To go to your Facebook page : 8

  • To view Facebook statements and right agreement : 9

  • To go to Help center : 0 

  • To go to the next story on News Feed : J 

  • To go the previous story : K

  • To comment on a story : C

  • To like or unlike : L 

  • To compose new message : M

  • To search for a friend to chat with : Q

Did I miss something in the above list? Share if you have new shortcuts other than these. 

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