Friday, October 25, 2013

Trick to convert "Facebook Fan Page" to PDF file

A professional Facebook Fan Page consists of all the necessary ingredients to increase its fan base. When it is so professional and has a lot of genuine fans who visit your page for something new, then better to keep a copy of it in the form of a file. The fan page can be converted to any type of file online. 

The need for converting any fan page into a file format like document or PDF, is to keep the important information with you and you can distribute to others who are unknown about your fan page. Then sometimes it becomes a priority to send the file by emails. 

By sending emails to other Facebook users, lets you gain some more online presence and gain popularity for your fan page. 

To convert your fan page to PDF file, the steps are : 

  • Copy the URL of your Facebook Fan page and keep it aside on a Notepad
  • Open a new tab in your browser and enter the URL "". This is the website where you can convert any Facebook fan page or any website to a PDF file. 
  • Now paste the copied URL of your fan page in the text box and then hit the "P" button.
  • Wait for few seconds. The process of converting your page into PDF is going on. 
  • After the process is completed, you will get a pop up box to save the file. 
  • Save the file 
To test whether your fan page has converted into PDF, just open and look at the file.

In these simple steps you can convert any fan page to PDF file and use it whenever necessary.

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