Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Voting via Facebook

Every citizen has the right to vote after the age of 18. Now a days there are not much of youth seen to vote for the right person for the right chair. There are many factors that divert the minds of people from voting during the elections. 

Let us not get into the huge topic of why people don't vote. It is a very debatable point. 

When found, people mostly are on Facebook or any other social media getting connected with others. It is very good to be social. 

Facebook followers and users grow day by day. With this fact, it has started a new way for its users to vote. 
Introducing a new app called "Register to vote", the feature helps people to register for a vote online. 
To go to this app, you have to use Graph search. Type "Register to vote" in graph search and the app will display on your screen. 

This feature leads you to a process of logging in to his / her account, then go to Timeline and move to drop-down menu of Life Event, then Travel and Experiences which leads to Register to Vote.
It has already started and implemented in America and Australia during the Presidential elections held in 2012 with Federal Elections held in 2013. It will be a first step for the elections that will be held in India. 
This app is still in its first stages, yet there will be new features added to it for better implementation at the time of elections. 


Remember, you can only ask one question per poll. If you want to ask your audience multiple questions, simply create multiple polls. The Poll Creator window makes it easy to create multiple polls in one fell swoop. You can even paste a list of questions into the window and we’ll try to convert them into polls.
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