Tuesday, November 5, 2013

17 important reasons for banned Facebook account

When a user creates a new account in Facebook, normally the "Terms of Service" part or "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities" part is overlooked or not read fully. Without reading the details mentioned in the TOS, you accept it and proceed further for completing the steps of creating a new account. 
Later on if something which is not acceptable by Facebook guidelines is done, your account gets banned due to some reasons. 
In such cases, you cannot remain immune from getting banned. The main reason behind it is breaking the laws as mentioned in any social media site. 

You may not know for which reason is your account banned by Facebook or any other social media. 

The top reasons that will affect your account by getting banned from Facebook are : 

"What is NOT ALLOWED in Facebook -

  • Sending of "too many" friend requests on a single day or week
  • "Too many" wall posts in a day or week
  • Posting of too many promotional links
  • You "Poke" too many people
  • Send "too many" messages to your group people
  • Copy and paste the same friend request message too many times
  • Provide false personal information
  • Creating multiple personal accounts
  • Creating an account for anyone other than yourself without permission
  • Use Facebook if you are under age (less than 13 )
  • Post "Spammy" content
  • Accepting "Friend Requests" from unknown users
  • Interacting with people who are unknown to you in real life
  • Commenting or messaging any link too much which is considered as spam
  • Using adult content 
  • Abusing or harassing someone on Facebook
  • Uploading viruses or any other malicious code in Facebook
Hence always keep yourself updated with the "Terms of Service" part in Facebook.

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