Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3 Tools to measure your "Facebook Success"

When you use Facebook daily with other social media sites like Twitter or Pinterest, etc , then your online presence should be measured or judged with some online tools. 

These tools will report about how your Facebook posts are interacted, how they are popular, what others demand from your fan pages or posts, how frequently they check your updates or whether they like or share your posts or fan pages. The answers to all these questions will be given by some useful online tools to measure your online success as a businessman or entrepreneur or a user. 
I have made a list of some useful tools for you which will measure your online success in the field of "Social Media". 

Booshaka: This tool is mainly used for : 
  • Understanding your engaged fans and followers
  • Recognize and reward the people
  • How they influence their followers to follow you 
  • Increase engagement 

Using this tool, you can easily find out the keyword that your fans use. Using that keywords you can engage them more into your fan pages. 

It also ranks your success. The tool provides you with the information about what your fans like on the selected topic and what they are finding for on Facebook. 

Quintly :This tool is for tracking social media performance. 

This toll provides you with the Facebook page ranking and real time stats.

You can compare the biggest fan pages by the category and sort by number of page likes and people talking about this. 

Monitoring of fans for maintaining fan pages and creating new ones. 

SocialMotus : Again a different type of tool for business related social media people. 

Using this tool, you can : 
  • Manage Facebook account
  • Monitor your brand
  • Measure social media performance
  • Track conversion rates
  • Discover what people are saying about your brand 
  • Schedule and publish your posts across Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Discover highly targeted prospects who are interested in your brands
  • Improve outcomes

No doubt that you have "Facebook Page Insights" to examine the performance of your page and its fans who are engaged into your brand, but one who don't have the fan pages and who are just users need to know how to make their social presence more popular.

Hence these set of tools to keep them updated in their respective social fields.

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