Thursday, November 14, 2013

Facebook uses "Star Rating" system for Fan Pages

The "Fan Pages" that are created in Facebook were showed how many "Likes" or "Fans" below the page details. 

Now if any fan page is so popular that it has many more likes or fans then it can be rated with the new "Star Rating" system introduced by Facebook recently for mobile users. Now this system is expanding from mobile apps to desktop users. 
First seen by Techcrunch, the fan pages get the ratings below the name. Thus showing the new visitors how popular it is and how much it is liked by others.This will make it more popular and more likeable. In a way it is good for businessmen who have business fan pages and also for customers or consumers who visit their pages. 

The rating system is in the test mode and will be soon implemented for all users. The system uses rating out of total five stars how many to be given to a particular page. 

The screenshot of the image of a fan page with "Ratings" is displayed below. 

The rate in the above fan page is 2.5 stars. Good to decide the popularity, liking, fans, etc of a fan page. 

According to Facebook spokesperson: "We’re extending star ratings on Facebook from mobile to desktop – to make it easier for people to discover great businesses around them. This is beneficial for both businesses and consumers. Star ratings encourage more people to rate a business, making it eligible to appear in News Feed and help others discover a business they didn’t know about previously. For businesses themselves, this also leads to greater brand awareness. 
As you may recall, star ratings launched in early 2012 with the introduction of Nearby on mobile. Now we’re bringing the visibility of star ratings to a more prominent spot at the top of Pages’ timeline on desktop and to the preview in News Feed."


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