Monday, November 25, 2013

How to delete or remove "Groups" from Facebook account

As you can create "Groups" in Facebook, you can delete them too. But when you are deleting the group, you have to take in to the consideration that members who are connected with your account will also have to be informed or intimated why a particular group is being deleted or removed. 

If you are the admin of any group you created, then you can delete that if you think that this group is not so successful and can create a different one. 

Either you can delete the group of which you are admin or you can "Leave a Group" if you are a member of that group. 

If you want to delete your created group, then : 

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Go to your Timeline 
  • Click on "More" button  
  • Select and click "Groups" 
  • Hover your mouse to the top right of the group that should be deleted 
  • Click on the pencil icon at the top right 
  • Click on "Leave Group" option 
  • Before really quitting, it will ask whether you really want to delete this group
  • Click "Leave" button
And that particular group is deleted from your Facebook account.

If you are the member of any group you can leave that group using the same steps.

Before deleting any Group in your account: 

  • Each member must be individually removed
  • Notify members that you are deleting a particular group by informing them using a mass message by clicking "Message all members" beneath group photo
  • If you are the sole admin for a group and you are deleting it then make a note that after you delete, all  other members will become the admins of that group.
  • Don't delete yourself as an "Admin". First confirm that another admin knows how to close the group. 
  • If any members remain, the group will get deleted but will not expire. 

Hence a very simple and easy way to delete any group in your account. 

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