Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to find out whether Facebook account is affected by Adobe hack

As Adobe's database was hacked and information was leaked on 3rd October, people who used same log in details in Adobe and other social media sites like Facebook, will have to reset their passwords to protect their personal information getting leaked.

In Facebook too, you will have to reset your password when it asks for. As a matter of fact, the social media giant is taking active steps for protecting its users and helping them to be more careful. 

If Facebook asks for you to reset your login details then don't think that it is spam or anything very unwanted, but it is warning you to be careful. Look at the image below: 

There are programmers who have searching how to make users find out about their account hack due to Adobe database hack. 

Recently, a programmer named Lucb1e, a Dutch student, has come up with a trick or you may call it as a tool, to check whether your account details were stolen at the time of Adobe hack. 

In his blog post, "Are you affected by Adobe's hack?", he gives you a tool that checks whether your email id and password were among the ones in Adobe's hack. 

The tool link is here: 

So find out using this tool to avoid your account being hacked or stolen if you were using the same password for Adobe and Facebook too. 

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