Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to set up a "Shop Tab" on Facebook Fan Page

After you create your Facebook Fan page which is based on e-commerce products, you need customers to buy from your Fan pages. Having a "Shop Tab" is the best option in that case. 

The shop tab on Facebook fan page will help you to sell and market your products via Facebook. The tab is free, simple and quick to install. 
The simple steps to install and use this tab for your fan page is : 
  • In your Graph search box, type "ShopTab" and when the app appears, click on it. 
  • Before entering, select "who can see posts this app makes for you on your Facebook timeline:" You can customize the settings. 
  • Select the "Go to App" button
  • Select the desired plan from the options 
  • Register your account with "Shop Tab"
  • Then add the app to your fan page
  • Login and then upload your products to your Facebook's Shop Tab account
 As seen above this is very simple, easy to install on your Facebook Fan page. 


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