Monday, November 18, 2013

How to update Facebook Fan Page via RSS feed or RSS Graffiti app

When you have a website and Fan page for that site, then the daily updates should be shown in the fan page too as your fan page is visited by your fans regularly. The posts or articles or videos that you post in your blog or website as soon as it is published, need to be added in fan page too. 

Writing again the same points in your fan page is tedious when you update after your blog posts. Moreover you have not only one post that should be updated, but also you have more than one. With that your social online presence also should be updated like Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, etc which also are related to your website or blog. Then in such cases, professionals take the use of "RSS" feeds that will directly update in the particular social networking site. 

Simple way to share your website posts to all social networking sites: "RSS Feed".

What is RSS Feed?
Really Simple Syndication, its full form, uses a family of standard web feed formats to publish frequently updated information like blog entries, news headlines, audio,etc.

In Facebook fan page, you need your website or blog RSS feed URL to add to the app that will feed your post details with links. 

The app that is widely used is "RSS Graffiti"which automatically posts the article titles, images and links on your fan page. 

Steps to update your Fan Page via RSS Feed or RSS Graffitit app 

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Simultaneously open your Website or Blog Feedburner 
  • In Facebook fan page, type "RSS Graffiti"
  • Click on "Add New Publishing Plan" button
  • Give the name to your new publishing plan then click "Create" button. 
  • You will get this page displayed 
  • The "Sources" is the source from where the posts should be copied and "Target" is the fan page where your posts will be displayed as soon as they are published in your blog or website
  • Now click on the "New Source" button to enter the Feed URL of your blog or website
  • Then save and click on the "New Target" button to add the details of your Facebook Fan Page
  • Choose the target fan page and "Publish on behalf of" from the drop down lists
  • Select the posting style which best suits 
  • Preview the post below
  • Click "Save Settings".
Now whenever you post articles in your website or blog according to the feed details entered, they get updated automatically in the Fan Page which is set as target in the app.



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