Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Keyboard Keys to insert "TM" symbol in Facebook

In Facebook there is no such tool that can offer you to insert symbols into text. But there are some "Keyboard shortcut" keys that can be used for doing so. In my earlier posts, there was a trick or certain combination of keys to insert "Check Mark" symbol in Facebook.

Special symbols can be added or inserted in Facebook with the help of keyboard keys. 

The famous symbol of "TradeMark" if you have noticed cannot be added in Facebook just like that.

This symbol cannot be just typed in the post as it is basically in the "SuperScript" fashion. Hence using of keys is mandatory.

If you want to add this symbol to indicate that a particular company is unregistered in Facebook then use these keyboard keys :

  • In Facebook, click in the text area where you want to add this symbol 
  • Hold the "Alt" key and press the number keys 0,1,5 and 3
  • The symbol appears in the superscript manner
  • These combination of keys works in both Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Before using the number keys on your keyboard, check whether the "Num Lock" is on 

Cool idea of using keys for inserting "TM" symbol in Facebook posts. 

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