Sunday, November 17, 2013

Link Youtube Channel to Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan page informs about about the particular product or people. To advertise your product on fan page you need to create a Facebook Business page and then start marketing your products on it. 

Marketing products on fan page needs the detailed description and "how to guides" for your customers by videos or by images. 

Videos you have uploaded in your "Youtube" channel and other details in your Facebook page. But linking is important of these two accounts as both are describing about your products.

May be your business page will get "Stars" rated by visitors and fans.

If you think your fan page needs some "Optimization tricks" then go ahead and do that too. 

People think that online marketing through two top media sites like "Youtube" and "Facebook" are the best ways to step forward in business. 

And linking them to more online presence gives your business a "Lift" and a "Big Leap". 

To make this possible, linking and connecting these two social brands is most important. 

To do so, 

  • Sign in to your "YouTube" account
  • Go to your "Channel". 
  • In the new tab of your browser open you Facebook Business Page
  • In the previous tab, select the "Edit" link next to your profile 
  • Click the check box next to "Website" if it is not checked
  • Copy the URL of your Facebook Business page 
  • Switch back to your Youtube channel
  • Click the website text box
  • Right click the box and select "Paste"
  • Now your copied URL will appear
  • Click "Save Changes" 
Successfully added your "Youtube channel" to your Facebook Business Page. 

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  1. This is interesting. It will surely be beneficial for me. Well, I also want to promote my video blog through FB ads so I am trying to learn the facebook ads management skills. Your tutorial is very nice so I think you could help me with FB ads too. If you have any tips, please share here.


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