Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Types of links "Facebook" allows to insert

In Facebook, you have the facility to insert links in two different ways. 

One is by inserting the URL of a web page directly into the post or the text where you want to give the information with the use of a URL. And second way is by using "@" tags. 

The using of "@" tags with the name will link to the profile of the Facebook user informing him or her about you mentioning in your status update. 

If you want to insert a URL of the web page then: 

  • Copy the URL of the web page 
  • Select the text box in Facebook where you want to place either status update box or chat window or comment box
  • Paste the URL 
  • The link will appear with some small description and image
If you want to use "@" feature by linking someone's profile then : 

  • Just type "@" and start typing the first letter of the person's name, the list of profiles will be displayed.
  • Select from the list, whom you want to tag. 

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