Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Add some music to Facebook wall or fan page

Adding files, spreadsheets and presentation slides are all informative files that can be uploaded to Facebook. There should also be some music that can be added to Facebook which will stream side by side in the News Feed and will let you entertain your near and dear ones. 

How about some favorite music streaming while you are surfing Facebook feeds!!!

Enhance your experience and your fellow visitors on your fan page or your wall with some great music streaming besides. 

The simplest way to add music to Facebook page or rather you can call this as trick to add mp3 music to Facebook is : 

  • Log in to your Facebook page
  • On the other tab in your browser open "SoundCloud" site 
  • Now click on "Sign Up" to register yourself 
  • Either you can choose Facebook or Google Plus for registering or you can add different details to register
  • Then permit the site to access your details 
  • Agree to their terms and conditions to finish the procedure
  • Choose your music from the list of categories 
  • Or you can "Upload" your own music by clickin on the option at the top of the screen
  • Select the file from your computer 
  • Wait till the file uploads 
  • In the mean time add the other details like description of the file, the tags, etc
  • Select the check box of sharing options. Select "Facebook" 
  • Click "Save" button 
  • Then "Share" the file on Facebook
After completing all the steps successfully, your file will be seen on your wall. To verify, click on the play button. The music starts streaming.

This way you can add any music file to your Facebook wall.

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