Thursday, December 19, 2013

Did you check "Time" you spend on Facebook ?

Facebook is the only social networking site where people interact, share, like, comment as much as they can. Due to its new added features people visit it daily. The purpose of every user is different while using Facebook. 

One who uses Facebook for growing business and customers, they have to spend a lot of time as compared to others. People who just update their status with a quote or change their profile picture or share some interesting stuff may not know how much time they spend on the social media. 

There are teenagers who leave their studies to spend some time on Facebook with their friends. In such cases, by keeping a track of time spent daily will curb your addiction towards Facebook and deal with other situations in your life. 

Please note that this post is not for not allowing anyone from using it or scaring anyone but to inform them the time spent on Facebook which will make their own mind to think for other tasks. 

To check for time utilized on Facebook, you can use "Facebook Runner" software which displays the real time spent on Facebook. 

The software "Facebook Runner" is developed by Ahmet Soyarslan which shows you how much time you spend surfing on Facebook. 

Features of the software: 

  • Displays the time spent
  • You can integrate your Facebook page 
  • Saves timer values 
  • 3 Timer resetting  like Daily, On startup and Never
  • Timer view format can be shortened

Facebook Runner software is available for all browsers. To use this first you have to download and install it on your desktop or mobile. Then if your Facebook account tab is active then this displays the time.

Its time to download Facebook Runner software and know how much you spend your precious time on Facebook.

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