Friday, December 27, 2013

Facebook Ads or Google Ads : Which option to prefer [Infographic]

Google and Facebook are the two top sites, best in their own ways. People who have used Google ad words or Google ads have come across the word "Keyword". Google operates totally on the world of "Keywords". Best keywords and your site is at the top. But when Facebook also has a feature of advertising to boost the business, advertisers have an opportunity to use n-number of words. 
In the month of October 2013, Google announced that it will include Facebook Ads. The option of Facebook Ads is used for building a more broader fan base and more visibility to the larger group of Facebook users. Businessmen who use Facebook Ads have experienced the effectiveness of it on the users. 

It all depends on the advertising quality means, after all a customer or a user or visitor will first think that what will he get out of it. Users or visitors welcome gifts, rewards, recognitions. 
After all this still the question is unanswered, i.e, which to prefer: Facebook Ads or Google Ads.
We will discuss this point wise with comparison. 
  • Basic Platforms : Basically both are different from each other. Google is a search engine and Facebook is a social networking site. Google will not connect with friends and share but Facebook does. Similarly Facebook won't display the search results according to the keywords. 
  • Keywords: For building any advertisement via any channel you need a good set of keywords. Google does that with ad words. When opting for Google Ad-words a best set of keywords have to be studied and then have to be applied. Because when a user searches with a specific keyword in Google, the ads are also displayed accordingly. In Facebook, there is no need of using keywords for displaying in the results.  
  • Quantity and Quality of Ads: As Google works on keywords, the ads displayed will be according to the specific keyword. Hence if the keyword is searched in Google and is in the top then the ads displayed in the right side of the search results will be of best quality and more ads. In Facebook, recently there was an announcement made that it will display less and unwanted ads in the News Feed. Hence, depending on the quality of ads and likes of Facebook users, the social media will display ads. 
  • Average Cost : Both have different CPC rates. Facebook has $0.80 CPC while Google has $2.50 CPC.  
  • Brand Building : Any business which is just the baby in learning how to build a brand in the market, will opt for Facebook Ads mainly due to the larger audience on the social media. The reason behind this is people are always connected to Facebook and spend much time on it. Hence to draw their attention it is best to use Facebook Ads.
  • Google+ page and Facebook fan page : A brand needs its building bricks in the form of separate pages in Google or Facebook. Facebook fan pages shows the likes very clearly and this adds to more popularity of a particular fan page. When the fan page is very much popular, it gets a verification mark with a "Tick mark" besides its name with a blue color. This recognition is sufficient for anyone to judge that a particular page is best and will provide the needed information. In the similar way Google+ page will have people following it. So "Likes" in Facebook fan page and "Followers" in Google+ page. 
  • Ad space :  Google tops when it comes to the ad space it acquires. One third of the screen is acquired by Google Ads.The image below displayed shows the highlighted boxes with ads. 

     But when compared with Facebook Ads, the amount of space it gets is very less.
  • Traffic Generation / Lead Generation :  Good point and a very important point of discussion. This is the main thing that every advertiser looks for. Whichever way you choose, at the end of the day one will look for how many turned up. In case of Google Ad-words, according to the specific keywords that user looks for is displayed in the side and at the top of the search results. If it is alluring then they get noticed and gets clicked. Works best. As discussed in the earlier point regarding the ad space, most space is acquired by Google than Facebook. But when Facebook is displaying ads in the News Feed, it will display according to the likes of a user. 

Clubbing all this together if we think, Google Ads will get direct sales and direct hits as compared to Facebook Ads.Ad-words is a stronger platform because it will display those ads only which people are looking for to buy. It works best with e-commerce sites.

If you are using Facebook to get lead generation then better is to direct it to a squeeze page and then hit the records. 

Did I miss something here... Please share it.

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