Monday, December 16, 2013

Facebook Trick to recover stolen "Fan Pages"

When you create a fan page in Facebook, there is a facility to set some roles for users accessing and posting in the page. These are called as "Admin Roles" in Facebook Pages. There are different roles assigned for managing the pages as needed. If you know how to add another "Admin" to your page, with a specific role then there is a fear of your fan page getting stolen by another person whom you have added in the admin role.  

A creator of the page has to be the "Manager" of the page as he is creating, posting, etc and accessing the whole page. If he wants to add anyone who can access the page for some other reason who is trustworthy then you can set him or her as any other role. 

When a hacker hacks your fan page, then instead of thinking "Why", take steps to find out a solution to "How".

First things first while recovering your stolen fan page is where to report this theft and how will it get resolved. 

Some important steps that will help are : 

  • Create an "Email" where the details of your fan page and include that your fan page was stolen in the email. In the email also include who are the managers and other admins who can access your fan page to post 
  • Fill out the forms by clicking on the links provided below: 
  • Then post your Facebook fan page hack problem in the following Facebook forums.   

  • If there is no response from Facebook after 5 business days, then you have to issue a press release 
  • Coming back to the point, post a small article on your blog or website stating that the fan page has been hacked
Till that time, you will get a reply from Facebook regarding the email that you sent them. 


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