Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Get selected as "Fan of the Week" every week!

Have you ever thought of being recognized as "Fan of The Week" for any Fan Page? Well, for my blog's loyal fans, I have now started this feature recently for the fan page "Facebook tricks, tips, hacks and news" has started to do so.

Your name displayed on the fan page with the title "Fan of the Week".

Now you may be thinking that what actually is the use of this tag with your name displayed on the fan page!!! The reason behind is your name being flashed on the fan page on the basis of what you like and comment on the fan page. This will help you test your knowledge on how much you know about "Facebook". 

This is an app that will judge automatically the fans of the page. To get enrolled for this, you have to like the page, go through the posts and comment on the same.

There is no force on anyone to like or comment. Your comments should be natural.

So, get recognized as the winner of the "Fan of the Week" which will be selected every Friday and will be displayed on the fan page. 

Am proud to say that our first Fan of the Week is "Miller Finch"

On what basis is this selected: 
Truly speaking the amount of comments that you share with any post you like will be the main aspect where the "Fan of the Week" app will judge the visitor. 
So, every one is invited on the fan page. The name of the fan page is "Facebook tips, tricks, hacks and news".  

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