Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to create QR code "Like" button for Business Page

Social media today is blooming and the use of it is made by all business people today. Most effective to get the traffic to their website or business is Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest

People spend more time in the networking side of business. Building network means building business.

If your business has a created "Facebook Fan Page" then of course, you would want to make more people aware of the business page and get more customers. 

The business page in Facebook will need some more options for your customers to know about your business. As the famous "Like" button is related to how many customers like your page, in the same way, use this "Like" button to use the details of your business page. 

In such case, you have to create first a QR code of "Like" button which will enhance your business page. The QR code of your page "Like" button when a customer scans, then he will get the details of your business fan page with the link of your fan page and other details. 

The QR code of "Like" button can be created in "Spot Like", where you just have to enter the link of your business page and get the QR code generated for you. 

Steps to create QR code Like Button : 

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Click open the business page 
  • On the other tab, open the site "Spot Like"
  • Copy the link of your business page and paste in the text box provided in the "Spot Like" site
  • Now click "Print" button
  • Enter only the "name" of the fan page as "" is already mentioned in the site

Wait for few seconds to get the code generated. After it gets completed, save the file. Watch the code. 
The saved file will have the details like your business page name and a code which will be scanned by the people using their smartphones or iphones etc. 
Example : 
Below is the QR code Like button for "Facebook tricks fan page" 

 You can display your QR code scanner on your business store or any other link or website. 

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