Sunday, December 22, 2013

"See Your 2013 Year in Review" - Facebook adds new feature

Have you gone through your profile recently? If not then there is beautiful surprise for you this time. It is "See Your 2013 Year in Review" section that is introduced very recently. 

This latest update can be seen right below your profile picture in your timeline. According to Facebook, this feature highlights the top 30 moments and life events from users' Facebook friends.
So when you click on this feature,  Facebook will memorize the top 30 moments and life events that you have posted on your wall. For example, likes, photos, engagements, etc. 
If your friend clicks on your timelines' "Year of Review" option then he can also go through but only if it was shared with him or her at that time. 
In the same way if your friend has shared some great moments with you in Facebook, then you also can see his "Year of Review" by going to his or her timeline. 

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