Thursday, December 5, 2013

Your Voice on Facebook ??

How many posts do you post on your Facebook wall daily? If you are a die-hard Facebook user, then may be more than 50 or so. Then instead of typing, why not add your posts on your wall with your voice messages. Just speak a message and that particular message would be posted on Facebook. 

There is a software designed for posting your voice messages on your Facebook wall. So, side by side you can update your status "n" number of times a day. 

The software, "Speak a Message" will do this act for you. 

"Speak a message" is a voice comment software with wide range of features.

Its just like saying, "Your Voice on Facebook"... 

Making interesting, surprising and funny messages on your Facebook wall via "Speak a message".

Features of this software: 

  • Record and play voice messages
  • Add voice to your photos, messages or posts
  • Personalize a greeting card and add voice to it too
This software is free to download from "Softonic".  

Download this software freely . The link below :

So, now download this software and let other friends on your Facebook know how interesting and surprising posts you post with a "Sound and Voice Effect".

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