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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Send SMS from Facebook for Free - Facebook's interesting feature

Instant messaging service is at your finger tip for free!!! Now you can send SMS across globe to any mobile through your favorite social networking site, FACEBOOK. Till now we were using our mobiles to send sms, but now you can send through Facebook too using an application called "ChatSMS" which allows you to send free sms to any mobile across globe and that to FREE ! FREE !! FREE !!!

 An application in Facebook "ChatSMS" is one app that has text messaging trick to any country . To know how to send free sms from Facebook, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Type in your browser and grant the permission for accessing the application.
  3. In the displayed screen , you just have to type your country , the mobile number of the person whom you want to send the sms and the text to send. 
Send Free SMS to any mobile from facebook

The only restriction of this application is you can only send 4 sms per day and 100 characters  is the limit of the text message. Other that these points, it works well for sending sms to any country , to any mobile, for free.

So how is this trick. I am sure you will definitely use this interesting app for your benefits.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to find who unfriended you on Facebook - Facebook trick

Want to know who has secretly deleted or unfriend you from their friends list????

Facebook gives a great opportunity to send a "Friend request" to someone whom you know. But in some cases the other person out there may not be interested in your friendship which is not visible if he/ she has unfriend  you in the list. Well, there is a Facebook trick to do so. There are some applications which finds out who has deleted you from his / her friends' list. 

There is a simple script that works best with the Google chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc, which actually intimates you who has deleted you from his / her friends list or unfriends you in other words. 

Option called "Unfriend finder" which allows you to know who removes you on Facebook. Likewise below mentioned are few websites where you can actually check the person who has removed you from facebook friend list. 

1. Who Deleted Me     


2. UnFriend Finder                

3. Social Fixer  


4. Twenty Feet                       

When you first allow access to these applications, they backup all the list of friends. The application then notifies via email when someone drops off your list. 

Either the person has actually dropped you as a friend on Facebook or he or she has quit Facebook.

Now you can find out who has started "Hating" you in Facebook too. To do so, use an app called "Hate With Friends". This app will let you hate someone in your Facebook account and also find out who is hating you in turn. 


Friday, February 15, 2013

5 latest Facebook emotions with codes

Facebook day by day is fast growing social networking site. There are more than millions of users. Many of them use face-book chat for some or the other purpose. There are many chat emotions that are called as smileys. 

These smileys actually create some attractive feelings for the other side of chat user. It shows that actual feelings to the others through chat. 

There are many emotions / smileys that you know. But smileys are always small in size and display with small icons. If you want to make it more attractive and visible with great effects, then there are special codes for the smileys to express your feelings. 

Here are the latest ones. 

                                   Heart Giving smiley : 

Heart Giving smiley code
Heart Giving smiley
  To display this smiley in your chat window, the code is as follows:

                                     Blushing Shy smiley: 

Blushing Shy smiley
   To display this smiley in your chat window, copy the code below and paste in your chat window


      •                                 I love you smiley   

      I Love You Smiley

           Again to display this emotion , paste this code in chat window: 

                                            Miss you smiley

      Miss You chat smiley

            To show this particular smiley, paste this code in chat window: 

                                          Be my valentine smiley

      Be My Valentine smiley

       Copy and paste this below mentioned code for displaying this attractive facebook emotion:

      Recently found out new ones to get the codes. Way2Hacking

      That was the latest list of emotions and their codes. Enjoy adding your emotions in the face-book chat windows. 

      Sunday, February 10, 2013

      On Valentine Day, grab this free smartphone app to find out your true love

      A smart app that works with Facebook can help you find out if your Facebook friend too has the same feelings for you as you have for him or her. 

      The app called "Would Love 2" is an iOS dating app and a version of Android is coming soon. 

      The process is simple. First, download the free app from the Apple App store and load your Facebook contacts.
      Next, select which one of your Facebook contacts you want to data, and submit your selection to the 'Locker'.

      If one of your friends also puts you in the 'Locker' , a match is made and both you and your friend get notifications on your phone. 

      Download this app as Valentine 2013 is fast approaching. Download "Would love 2 " app for smartphone users , which simply has a tag-line 'get the rejection out of dating'.  

      Saturday, February 9, 2013

      How to create your own funny Facebook wall

      If you want to just have some fun, log on to an website called

      This website lets you fully change and customize a standard Facebook wall and make it look like an original. You can add profile pictures, status messages and also likes and comments - in the same way as Facebook does. Once you are done, the website gives you an URL to view the fake Facebook wall.

      You can then take a snapshot of the page and share it with your friends.

      A Fake Facebook wall is represented below:

      Please remember to use this trick only for fun purposes, and not do anything illegal

      Visit the Wall Machine at

      Friday, February 8, 2013

      4 impressive Facebook tricks that you must know

      Want to impress your friends? Then these are some of the top face-book tips and tricks that really impress others.

      Lets have a look below.

      • How to post status in blue color: Now this is very cool trick that can be used. When you post on your wall, it will look like a link, which will make others feel that it is some link you have posted. But if someone clicks on that then it will redirect to your profile page. To do so, type ‘@@[0:[0:1: your status]]’ in your status box without quotes and press Enter. It will look like "your status ". Now in the post when you types the above material without quotes, you can make a change like ‘@@[0:[0:1: Hello Everyone]]’. You will get the result as "Hello Everyone" .Isn't it cool!!!!!!!!!!

      • How to post blank status update: Daily you update your status with some new thoughts . If you want to play with some trick then you can post blank status. To do so, type ‘@[0:0: ]‘ without quotes and then press Enter. You will see a blank update. 
      • Keep full profile picture thumbnail:  You must have seen many times about your profile photo. The way it displays on the profile is in a cropped manner. If you want to make it full visible then you will have to set the photo in such a manner that it displays the full pic. To do so, follow the steps : 
      1. Click on the profile photo. You will see that there is an option called "Edit profile picture". Click it. You will get a list of options. In that click on "Edit Thumbnail" option.
      2.  In the Edit Thumbnail option, tick mark on the "Scale to Fit" box which is by default un-tick.
      3. Click okay 

      •  How to download photo album in one single click:  This one is the most useful trick. You will need this may be almost daily because our friends upload new photos and albums. If the album that they have uploaded in facebook should be downloaded for your purpose, then you can do so
      1.  First open
      2.  Click on "Log in with Facebook" 
      3. Then click on " Go to App" . This step will ask for your permission for accessing your profile. You have to allow the same.
      4.  Now after allowing access to your profile, your browser will redirect you to again the website
      5. In this step just fill in the name of the facebook friend whose photos you want to download. 
      6. Then choose the album of friend you want to download. If you want to download all albums then click on "select all" option.
      7.  Wait for few moments for the "download" button to appear. Then click on "Download". 
      8.  Lastly, unzip the folder after downloading the photos. 



      Thursday, February 7, 2013

      A new Facebook app will now track user's location

      Facebook , a social networking giant in the Internet industry, has now come up with a new app which can track a user's location. A user's location can be tracked with the help of this new Facebook app that can be installed on smartphones.

      The tracking of the location is even possible when the mobile is not being used. This app is called as Facebook's location tracker.

      Facebook app to track user's location

      This app is being developed by FB on smartphones and will be launched in mid-march.This Facebook app will be actually designed to help users search their nearby friends and possibly run even when the app isn't running on the handset.


      Tuesday, February 5, 2013

      How to transfer old facebook page post in the new one- Facebook cool tricks

      It may happen sometimes that you need to delete your face-book account and create a new one. At the same time after that , you may have a doubt , will all the details and posts that you posted in the old account get transferred in the new account?

      There is no app or option available in face-book that can do so. But there is a "download " option available which will help us to do so. 

      In this post below, the steps for transferring the old face-book account posts to new is given in the detailed manner. Follow the steps accordingly. 

      Suppose , you have an old account named "A" and you want to delete it and want to create a new one called "B" and transfer old posts in "B". 

      1. First you need to download a copy of your old profile, that's "A".
      2. Then open a new account "B" and then upload your information

      1. To download a copy of your old profile: 

      •  Click "Account" then click "Account settings".
      • Click "Download" twice , then click okay
      • An email will be received by you when the process is completed. Click the link in the email and then type your password to start the download.
      • After the download is complete, double click on the file, to unzip it.
      Now the next step is to open a new account and feed the details.

      2. To open a new account and uploading information:
      • Fill the sign-up form to open a new account in Face-book. 
      • Re-add your friends using the list in download file. 
      • To upload the items from old profile, go to the downloaded file and add any item you need.
      Note: Please do not maintain more than one account as it is against the terms & conditions of face-book. Try to delete your old profile account if uploaded all posts and details in the new account.


      Sunday, February 3, 2013

      Facebook's new business card - "Facebook card"

      Do you have a Facebook account and if you want to send some gift to your friend who resides far away from you in other state, for instance, then you can have this great opportunity of buying and sending a gift virtually and gift it to your friend with the help of new "Facebook card"

      Facebook's credit card

      Recently , on in Jan 2013, this system was introduced. Facebook is now on a path of expanding with new ideas that may lead to great business and money for many businessmen. Today social networking is becoming more and more advanced. In this world of social networking, FaceBook plays an important role. 

      How does this card system work : 
      First you need to purchase online from FB gift products, then to whom you have purchased that friend or relative will be intimated or informed. Then after few days, he / she will receive the card in the mail. You can monitor the balances of the card on your mobile apps.