Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Facebook's "Paper" app will feed the news on mobile

A fresh new app called "Paper" will be launched by Facebook in the near future. As "Flipboard" app that curates news from various topics on mobile devices, Facebook also is stepping into the same way to build a new app called "Paper" that will curate and aggregate news. 

Facebook's Paper News Reader is mainly and intentionally developed for mobile devices. The in charge of this program is Product VP Chris Cox.

Cox says that people should enjoy waking up to and scanning each morning with Facebook's Paper. People who are always are in touch for new updates and news around the city and world in different categories, will be satisfied with this latest feature of Facebook.

When you will on your mobile device, with the news stream you will get updated the latest news around.

There is a latest update which was stated in the news that, Paper app will include new set of features for its users for enhancing their experience.

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