Thursday, January 9, 2014

Latest feature in Facebook - "Create Post" button on Fan Pages

Facebook has added a small but useful feature in the fan pages, called as "Create Post" button. If you have created a fan page in your account, then being an administrator, you need to add new and fresh posts or content to your fan page. 

The "Create Post" button which is seen at the top of the fan page besides other buttons like Edit page, Insights, Hide Page, etc, is basically added for directing the admin person to go directly to the Status box, where you can add the content or post. 

Earlier you have added posts to your fan page without this button but now due to this latest feature by Facebook in 2014, one can directly start posting in the text box as the cursor is already placed inside the box and blinking for the user to type. 

What are your thoughts about this new change by Facebook? Do you feel it is useful? 

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