Thursday, March 27, 2014

About Facebook's "Ad Conversion Pixel" for e-commerce sites

Having an e-commerce website and struggling to get leads or traffic? I am sure you have tried your luck in Facebook ads which did not give you the expected results. Well, this post may help you out for your Facebook ad creation tricks for getting more traffic to your website.

Just creating Facebook ad won't give success in the market. Some tricky solutions have to be managed. 

In e-commerce sites, creators expect the visitors turning into genuine customers for buying some products online. If there is a tracking system on your site, then nothing like that friend which will give you full reports about all clicks, conversions, registrations, etc.

Facebook has that feature or you can say that tracking system to help you out. That is "Ad Conversion Pixel".  A very heavy word to understand. I will make is simple step by step.

Firstly, a conversion is an action that a user does on your website like checking, registering, etc. Any action that he or she does on your website is called as conversion. As an owner of the e-commerce website, you need to know who has done what actions on it. To do this, there is a tracking system called as "Conversion Tracking".  This tracking determines or measures the ROI on Facebook ads and reports you whether ad is actually leading customers to your websites. And to track this, a small piece of code is needed that has to be placed on your website which is called as "Conversion Tracking Pixel" or "Conversion Pixel".

If you are using Google Chrome it is well and good that for using Ad Conversion Pixel, you need a plugin that is available in Chrome only. The plugin called "Power Editor" takes the responsibility of creating, editing, managing ads, optimize them, 

Have the pleasure of people who come to your websites and buying products. You enjoy the fruits, let the "Ad Conversion Pixel" track the necessary reports for you. On that you can then plan for the next ad campaigns to get better results from ads.

Have you used this tool? If yes then share your experiences.

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