Saturday, June 14, 2014

Facebook's new style : Displaying Ads according to your browsing history !!!

Did you ever notice or thought that as we surf internet and the browsing history is saved in a cache in our PC, in the similar manner, what we access in Facebook, is also saved in the history. But now it will be saved in the browsing history of Facebook. 

The list of things or clicks that you do in the social media is now accessible by Facebook. But many people will think that it is a bit normal that as we surf internet, we do some searches in Facebook too. But remember, the social media giant uses your this browsing history to display ads on your screen. Whatever you search for will be displayed in the form of ads on your FB screen. 

It was stated in Sept 2013, that Facebook will display less ads. The News Feed displays the ads that are relevant to your likes and your browsing history. This is applicable for Facebook app users and PC users too. 

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