Friday, March 20, 2015

How about paying your friends via "Facebook Messenger app" ?

Facebook Messenger, a best way to communicate and get connected with Facebook contacts and friends, is all set to add a new feature to its users. This time it is paying money through Facebook Messenger

Now American users can transfer money through FB messenger app on their Android or iOS. It was announced this week on Tuesday that users may send and receive money via Messenger app. 

To make a payment, users have to go to the "Settings" section in the Messenger app, add their debit / credit card information, then by having a conversation with the friend, select "$" sign that appears in the row above keyboard software, and tap "Pay" option. 

For users who receive the payments, they have to open the sender's message and accept the payment when prompted. Simple !!

Now this feature of making and receiving payments, via "Payments Feature" of Facebook Messenger app will not let users go away the social network and stick to it for a longer time. 

As far as security of the information of debit card / credit card of the user who enters the details, their safety is ensured as safe as suggested by Davis, Facebook's program manager.

He states about it as " the software and equipment are PCI compliant, the same security standard applied to credit card transactions - stored in a secure environment separate from the rest of Facebook. "  Adding the relief statement he again states that, " an anti-fraud team will track payments for potentially fraudulent transaction". 

Facebook Messenger users can now send any payments to their friends or their contacts easily and safely. 


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