Thursday, May 7, 2015

List of new launches by Facebook in 2015

As the social media giant is growing older, its popularity is increasing day by day. This is not because of just sharing images or chats or posts, but also due to some important and useful launches that were announced this year 2015. 

Facebook, has made its users the platform of connecting with their social friends and relatives with some interesting features like posting, images, chatting, groups, etc. It has made platform useful not only for them but also for businessmen to increase their visitors online. Who has forgotten the way called "fan pages" or professional fan pages which will add value to their business by showing their brand to the online audience. 

This post is a summary of some new launches by Facebook in 2015. 

Starting from the year, Facebook has launched many features. The list starts as follows: 

1.  Yes, you guessed right. It is a tool that turns human speech into action. This was introduced in January 2015. is a speech recognition tool that grabs the human speech and converts into a real time action. 

2. On This day:  Another feature called "On this day" made debut for taking a loot at the past memories in Facebook. If a user wants to know what he posted on his wall or what he liked on a particular day, he would get the details using this feature. 

3. Pay your friends via Messenger App :   An excellent way to pay money via this feature via Messenger App for iOS or Android users. Messenger is just not a way to chat but some important things like paying someone can be made very easily via Messenger app. 

4. "Hello" App :  Similar to "Truecaller", a new feature or app launched by Facebook to identify the caller details whether it is fake or genuine. The callers identity will be displayed even if that caller is not from your mobile contacts but in your Facebook friends list. 

5. Video Calling feature: A sweet surprise for Messenger app users. Facebook introduced the video calling feature. The icon of video calling will be displayed at the top of the app. 

Some interesting features that made Facebook users go crazy this year. Using these latest features, people will enjoy Messenger apps, identify callers' identity, pay their money online to someone, etc. 


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