Sunday, March 24, 2019

How to use Facebook for Startup Businesses - FBStart

Today everyone is thinking of building a "Startup Business". It is a plan or creative thought that flashes in one's mind and the implementation is the Startup. People nowadays have the most wonderful ideas that give the audience or the end users a great help. 

Social Media Platforms like Facebook, have already started giving opportunities to enhance the business plan model from paper to reality. 

One such platform that Facebook gives is FBStart.  This post is to make visitors of this blog know the details of the platform as to how to use it for gaining more visibility and support from the Social Media Giant, Facebook. 

What is FBStart?

FBStart is a global platform that allows businessmen to build and grow their businesses. It helps in monetizing mobile applications. Launched a few years back, people or businessmen have made their businesses give a kickstart and get more visibility using FBStart.

There are success stories of those business people who have used this platform. Globally, your business gets expanded and known to users.

There are three types of tracks that FBStart accelerates.

  1. Bootstrap
  2. Accelerate
  3. Social Good App  
To get the benefits of the FBStart platform, founder of the startup or the businessman has to apply for the FBStart program. Once accepted by the team of developers, the features and tools provided by FBStart team will grow your business.

Let's see what are the features of each track.

Bootstrap Track is for newly launched startups. The newly launched startups need an audience to know about your business services or products. Technical support, Tools for growth and Global community to gain the bigger audience. For Bootstrap member, FBstartup offers below tools for their growth.

  • AngelList: It is the world's largest platform for raising money and funds. A startup can use this tool by posting on the AngelList job board. 
  • Animoto: Today videos, animated videos, explainer videos have become famous as to it gets more visibility to the business model. FBStart offers this tool to create professional and share-worthy videos for FREE for 6 months and later with a 50% discount. 
  • Balsamiq: Create a mobile application for free for 6 months with free access to Balsamiq tools. 
  • Docsend: Yet another tool offered by FBStart Bootstrap track to send highly professional documents for up to 10 people to improve marketing, business development, etc with real-time document analytics for 6 months. 
  • Facebook: $500 Facebook Ad credits to promote a mobile app or Messenger Bot for 6 months. You will get Technical related support from Facebook Team for reviewing mobile app, platform policies, etc which is non-expiring.
  • Namecheap: Get your mobile app presence with one free Postive SSL and one free Premium DNS from Namecheap for 12 months. 
  • Create prototypes that feel real for 1 user - 5 projects.for 3 months. It is the platforms' Freelancer plan that is for 1 user. 
  • Stripe: Creates a good payment experience for your user.
  • Transfix: You can use this tool to collect, translate and deliver digital content on your mobile app in multiple languages. This helps in growing internationally. 

For Accelerate Track users on FBStart, below is the additional tool inclusive of the above tools. 
  • Twillo: $5000 credits towards Twillo services. 

There is another track - Social Good Track. This track is for those who are social good developers, NGOs, non-profits, etc who work hard for their causes.

In addition to the above tracks, any business can avail the support of FBStart in the following manners:

  • In-Person Events
  • Technical Support
  • Tools for Growth
  • Forum and Community

FBStart has helped new startups to build their business, expand their business to the next level, helping in gaining more popularity.

Today whenever we open a web page and want to login or create an account, the page or platform asks for login using Google or Facebook, etc. This means the users may opt for using their basic Google or Facebook accounts to have a new account created in the mobile app.

If you are about to bring a new startup into existence and want to spread its wings to the larger audience, then get the FBStart working for your startup.

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