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Showing posts with label facebook trick to get all posts in new one. Show all posts

Monday, February 4, 2013

How to transfer old facebook page post in the new one- Facebook cool tricks

It may happen sometimes that you need to delete your face-book account and create a new one. At the same time after that , you may have a doubt , will all the details and posts that you posted in the old account get transferred in the new account?

There is no app or option available in face-book that can do so. But there is a "download " option available which will help us to do so. 

In this post below, the steps for transferring the old face-book account posts to new is given in the detailed manner. Follow the steps accordingly. 

Suppose , you have an old account named "A" and you want to delete it and want to create a new one called "B" and transfer old posts in "B". 

1. First you need to download a copy of your old profile, that's "A".
2. Then open a new account "B" and then upload your information

1. To download a copy of your old profile: 

  •  Click "Account" then click "Account settings".
  • Click "Download" twice , then click okay
  • An email will be received by you when the process is completed. Click the link in the email and then type your password to start the download.
  • After the download is complete, double click on the file, to unzip it.
Now the next step is to open a new account and feed the details.

2. To open a new account and uploading information:
  • Fill the sign-up form to open a new account in Face-book. 
  • Re-add your friends using the list in download file. 
  • To upload the items from old profile, go to the downloaded file and add any item you need.
Note: Please do not maintain more than one account as it is against the terms & conditions of face-book. Try to delete your old profile account if uploaded all posts and details in the new account.