Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Start "Tagging" your friends in your status updates

As you have labels on any product , similarly you have "tags" in Facebook. Just like labeling, you can give a label ( tag ) to your friends in your posts that you daily update. 

This is nothing but a link to their profile as soon as you tag them. Suppose, any photo you are uploading, in that you want to name your friends, you can just by "tagging" them. 

In Facebook, you can tag anyone in photos, posts, etc. The simple way to tag people is using the symbol "@" before posting and after that type any letter. The list of groups or people appear. You can select the one whom you want to tag. By doing so, after you tag them, the notifications appear in their timeline too to whom you have tagged. 

Simple. Just a simple usage of "@" symbol, you can do tagging. Like the usage of "#" tag in Twitter. 

How to Tag in facebook

In the image, you can see the @ symbol and after that a letter typed "a". In a fraction of a second you can see a list appearing down where there are many profiles. You can select the one for tagging. 

I always have some beautiful tips and tricks related to Facebook. Always R&D going on . As soon as I find one I just post it here for my dear readers and visitors to inform. As I have informed you, please share this when you like and want to make your friends aware of this simple trick. 

Recent news suggest that there will be Facial Recognition Database which will have all the user's profile photos saved in the database . This database will be mostly promote the feature of "Suggest Tagging" in Facebook. Read out more in the post : Facial Recognition Database

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