Friday, August 30, 2013

Facebook will now have "Facial Recognition Database" for profile photos

A new database will be created by the Facebook for recognizing the profile photos. When a user creates a new account in Facebook, with the adding of some credentials, he or she adds or uploads a profile photo.
According to the recent news in IB-TimesFacebook will create a Facial Recognition database for those concerned about their privacy policy.
The database will include the profile photos of all the users having an account in Facebook. this database will have a feature to boost the "Tag Suggest" feature. The Tagging feature is not a new one to any user. While tagging anyone, the database will make it easier to do so.

People who use Facebook , like to share photos and enjoy with their friends. 

When the Tag suggest feature is improved then the process of labeling will be automatically improved. The database presently identifies the faces in recently uploaded photos and then compares them to the previously added images in which the users were tagged. Once tagged , the user will have the freedom or choice of opting out of it.

Facebook's Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan, said that it will be very easy to the members to identify the posted photos in which they appear.

So , all your profile photos now will be added in a database which will be recognized by faces. Hence the name, Facial Recognition Database. 

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