Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Facebook's amazing trick - Send any images in chat window while chatting

While going through this blog, you must have come across some tricks like bold in Facebook chat, Facebook chat from desktop, Latest emotions with codes, etc which are related to using tricks in Facebook chat window. 

Facebook chat is one of the ways that we are connected with our friends when want to chat with them. It is a great place to get connected and updated. Just like any other chat. 

You sometimes come across the situations where you want to share some images while chatting. Earlier to do that, we used to upload image in the photo album section of Facebook and the other party used to watch it and then later we used to get the comments regarding the images. Which would take much longer time than expected. A long tiring journey. 

Now, there is a trick to make it very easier. While chatting with your friend, you can send the photos of your choice from anywhere , and send it via chat. Some simple steps to go through and your work is done. Interestingly it is very great trick to know more about Facebook features. Day by day new options and features that make Facebook more friendly for all of us to use. 

Now , in your mind there is sure a question of how to send any image in the chat window. Simply by generating the code of the image and pasting it in the chat window, your image is sent to the other chatting party. Come lets begin this tour. 

Step    1:  Login to your Facebook account

Step 2:Open a new tab in your browser and enter the following website name: http://smileychatcodes.com/

Step    3: Click on "Facebook Chat codes maker" link

Step    4: In that, select any file or image from your PC and click upload. 

Step   5: Wait for few seconds for the website to generate the code. 

Step   6: After the code is generated , you just copy and paste the code in your chat window and press enter. 

And now just look at the window with the image uploaded . 

Generate codes in the website and paste the code ad enjoy. In this way you can send any images to your friends via chat window. 


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