Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to search the list of Facebook pages for a certain topic

Recently there is a buzz about "Facebook Graph Search" everywhere. What is the main reason to introduce this type of search in Facebook? The developers have introduced it and it become such a famous subject for everyone. 

Many are still in confusion that what is the actual use of Graph Search when we have "Google's search engine" with us. And all know it. Google's search engine is the oldest one to search for any keyword and you will get the results in fraction of a minute. Then what is the difference of Graph search and Google search? 

Google uses a keyword or a set of keywords to find out about a specific topic. The results get displayed. Have you ever thought of finding the list of music albums that your friends like in Google? Have you ever found the images that your relatives have. Google doesn't know who your friends are. And will never find out their favorite music albums from the web. 

In Facebook, every user has posted some or the other likes and have liked many pages. They are stored in the database of Facebook. When it is searched in Facebook, then it will display them. 

The graph search is located at the top of the Facebook page. 

This post is about how to search any fan page in Facebook.

Can you find the blue color bar at the top of the Facebook web page. It has "f" at the left end corner and a search bar after that.

In the above image you will clearly see that, the "f" is clicked. In the search bar, type the keywords "spy gadgets" (if you want to find fan pages or groups regarding spy gadgets).

Then a list appears with the search bar , like people who like spy gadgets, pages named spy gadgets, friends who like spy gadgets, etc. In any of the options which is most suitable for you that you have to click and a list of pages or groups will be displayed.

This is the power of Graph Search which will empower the search option more easily and more deeply. 

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