Friday, August 30, 2013

How to post GIF in Facebook

In the earlier post, I have updated with an interesting news that will impress you and enjoy your journey with Facebook more than past. It is about posting GIF images in Facebook.

You can now post the animated images or also called as GIF in Facebook. This was possible because of a famous search engine for GIF, that is Giphy. 

In Giphy, you will find GIF's of all categories which you can post in Facebook accordingly. In this post, I will help you for adding or posting GIF photos / images in Facebook. 

It is very simple. 

How to do: 

  • Login to Facebook account

  • Go to Giphy's website

  • Select the image

  • Either copy - paste the URL of the page of GIF that you have selected

  • Or there is an option for embedding the GIF in Facebook 

  • In this it will ask you to "Share GIF" 

  • You have to share it 

  • The result will be on the Facebook's News Feed. The GIF will play. 

There is a trick that has been posted which will let you animate the GIF image in Facebook. If the image does not play then you can visit the post on how to animate the GIF image in Facebook.


Just tested it again at my end. It worked. Just follow these steps:

1. Select the gif image from
2. Click on share to Facebook button
3. It will get shared then click "Post" button in FB
4. After posting, click on the image which will play.

Try this and let me know.

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