Friday, August 30, 2013

Long awaited GIF's - now can be posted in Facebook

The GIF's -" Graphics Interchanged Format" - nothing but the animated images  or photos, now can be finally put in Facebook. The Giphy - popular search engine for GIF's made this possible for the Facebook which can be used and posted in the Facebook. 

Till now we used to put just still photos and videos . But now because of Giphy, who has created a new code that makes the GIF's posted in Facebook.

Adding photos, images, videos, in Facebook is not a new thing for us. The animated characters was not allowed or could not be post in Facebook till now, but due to the latest changes in Giphy, who created a code which will automatically add the GIF images in the Facebook. Thanks to Giphy, the most popular search engine for GIFs.

Recently a news article updated in Gizmodo and Mashable, the GIFs are now possible to add in Facebook. All thanks to Giphy. 

To put the GIF image in the Facebook is very easy. To do so, you will just have to add the link in the Facebook or just embed the code. 

So, with the introduction of GIF's in Facebook, the tour of Facebook usability will be more interesting for you and your friends. 

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