Monday, August 26, 2013

Shape your Facebook profile before your next job interview

Preparing yourself for any new job interview ? Before you attend , there is a need to shape up your Facebook profile and make it attractive which will land you a good prospects in your career. Your social presence also affects when you are searching for a new job.

Facebook is a platform where you share your images, videos, thoughts, etc with your friends. There are some options where you forget whether to make it private or public. Some things are left undone. This may ruin your online presence and may effect your career too. 

Earlier years , say some 10 or 15 years back, to get a job, we used to polish ourselves with good knowledge and good information on the current issues, instead only on the bookish knowledge. These points made us all rounder and employers used to judge our intelligence and capacity to handle any situation in life. 

Now all are socially active online. Your Facebook and Twitter accounts make the first impressions in the minds of the interviewer. To gain the job of your choice and demand for high prospects, some polishing is necessary to your Facebook profile or timeline.Just look at it before you go for an interview.

Are you in a tension? Thinking about what you did earlier in your profile with posts , likes, comments, etc? Release your tensions and just follow some points listed below which will edit your social identity. 

Things to do : 

Listed below are some important points that you have to check while preparing yourself for job interview. 

  • Check your Facebook profile. Make sure your profile is set to private.
  • Look at the time line. Find out whether there are any embarrassing photos, if yes then either delete them immediately or set them private. 
  • Check your status updates , whether there are any embarrassing posts which look like nonsense, then remove them immediately. 
  • If you have been tagged then remove them. 
  • Look at your wall. See if you have commented which will make a bad impression then just remove them 
  • See the apps on your Facebook wall. Are they important to be shown? Ask yourself and do the needful act for this. 
  • Have you joined any group? If they are annoying groups, then you will have to get out of these groups. 
  • Have you expressed any religious or political views on your timeline? Set them to private or visible only to friends. 
  • Look at your likes and comments. Have you liked any page ? Find out whether it is a good impressive page that will promote your social identity. If yes then keep it else no need , you can withdraw your likes. 
  • Games that you play. The type of games that you play is shown at the timeline . Get it removed if not needed. 
  • Which "Causes" you support? If they are good causes , show them else delete your presence from them. 
  • Update your profile photo. 

 New Category in Facebook : Add "Professional Skills"

As you polish your Facebook profile, do it for Twitter account to, if you have and tweet regularly. You profile must be set to private. Tighten your privacy settings.

After you do all the necessary things, start searching for jobs via "Facebook Apps". You will get a choice of 5 different tools or apps for searching your dream job via Facebook.


Relying on an income protection is good for a short period of time. When an interview comes, looking good should also be prioritized.

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