Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Add your "Professional Skills" in Facebook Timeline - Latest in Facebook

Are you seeking job somewhere abroad? Want a high class , top , job that you can enjoy and that you were waiting for from a long long time? Getting a job , sometimes is a tricky way for some people. Not only your degrees and certificates matter, but also your online presence and reputation will matter. Teenagers , kids , old people, businessmen, employers , all are on Facebook and use it. 

Even if you are not seeking any job, but you are well qualified and having a career, why don't you display on your Timeline? 

Recently updated in Facebook News in Mashable is somewhat exciting one for all. Qualified persons, efficient professionals, IT professionals, Lawyers, Doctors, etc now can add their qualifications and skills that they are famous for. This category is for all. Now Facebook has added a new category to add our professional skills. Isn't this more like, LinkedIn??

In my earlier posts, if you know , I have mentioned that before going for an interview, it is necessary to shape up Facebook and other social media profiles too. 

Look at the image above. The newly added category here at the bottom is "Professional Skills". What you have to do is go to your Timeline, click on Edit and select the skills . Save the settings. Make it public or private as per your choice. 

So , accordingly add your skills and display it in Facebook. 

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