Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Facebook focuses on the "transparency" of the Posts - Everything becomes "Searchable"

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced a new "Search option" which searched for people, friends,etc. That was called as "Facebook's Graph Search". Till now if someone wanted to search for a set of people who like music or people who stay in America, etc, then that was made possible using the Facebook's Graph search. 

Facebook displayed all the search results according to the demands of the user using "Graph Search". Now taking a step forward, Facebook has made some new arrangements in the Graph search wherein posts, images or likes or comments that you did will be searchable for other friends. 

All your posts, likes , comments or images that others search for in the graph search will be displayed . This step will disappoint some users. Already some have expressed their disliking toward new update in graph search by giving their feedback.

If we think it from the other side, it will benefit the users who are searching for their own posts. Like for example, if you are searching for the posts from 2011-2012 then the "Graph Search" will do the work for you. If you want to know about posts about specific topics of interest then that also is possible with this new update. 

With this new update , you can find out the old posts that you did earlier.

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