Friday, September 27, 2013

Facebook introduces "Edit Post" feature for Android and Web users

A new feature gets introduced in Facebook - "Edit Post" feature. This facility allows the Facebook users to edit their status updates after posted on wall. Means if you think there are any changes to be made in the post , like grammatical mistakes or adding new sentences in the status , then you can do that even after the post is published.

This feature was introduced for web users and Android users. Yet this facility to be accessible for iOS users will take some time. But it will be introduced for iOS very soon. 

Immediately an important point that strikes in mind is whether after editing the post, will all the likes and comments be lost ?? This did happen earlier but after the introduction of Edit post feature , all your post likes and comments will be safe. 

The above image is the blank post without the arrow button at the top right corner . But soon that arrow will appear which will have an option of Edit post.

In order to Edit some already posted status, you have to click on the down arrow in the top right corner of any post and select "Edit Post". Then after editing the post, just click "Done Editing" button.

Facebook has its own cookies or a database maintained that will take care of all your earlier posts and your edited ones. The database will stop anyone tricking negatively with the feature.

Get the steps for doing the editing of any post in Facebook.

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