Monday, September 2, 2013

Facebook Trick - To "gift" anyone in your friends list

Friends in Facebook play an important role. They are the ones who read our posts, like or reply or share them to their friends and acquaintances. Sharing as it is said , is caring, in the Facebook's language. When one shares our thoughts, why not gift him or her via Facebook directly? 

There is no need to meet him or her personally, if you cannot gift him personally. You have an option which is provided by Facebook developers, called "Give Gift" . 

When you roll over or hover over any Facebook friend's name , the box appears which has the two buttons Friends and Message

Look at the image below: 

Now when you click on the "Friends" button you will get a list of sub-options. Select the option "See Friendship" . 

Then this window opens:

Look at the 3 buttons at the top. One of them is "Give Gift". Just click it and you will get a new page of "Facebook Gifts". 

Select any gift of your choice. Pay the amount and gift it to her. 

See, how easy it is to gift anyone with love. 

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  1. This may not be a trick, according to you, but if someone don't know about Facebook gifts then it is. Many have not seen this feature . Hence this post.


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