Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some facts about "Facebook Gifts"

In my previous post which stated that , "you can Gift anyone in Facebook via Facebook Gifts",  which is a way of saying that you care for your friends even if they are not near to you. Facebook contacts or friends or relatives will like if you send them such sweet surprises. 

Let us know more about Facebook Gifts in this post. 

When it is any occasion that you want to celebrate may be online, then Facebook Gifts is a best way to do so. Say , you want to celebrate birthdays, birth of a new baby in your relatives house, your friend got a new job, etc.. These moments are special and unique in their own ways. They need to be enjoyed and celebrated. If distance is a barrier to celebrate, then Facebook Gifts is a best option.

Send any gift of your choice from Facebook Gifts. The features of it are as below.

For using Facebook Gifts , you have to go to this link :


You can type "Facebook Gifts" in the search box at the top of the screen . You will get a window.

Features :

  • You have a wide range of "Categories" 
  • Search for any friend before selecting any gift
  • Payment mode is secured
  • Gifts sent will be intimated to both : sender and receiver
  • Pure gifts privacy is maintained . When you send a gift, a post is shared on your friend's timeline. Who can see the post depends on their privacy settings. Only your friend can see the message on the card. 
  • The shipping and delivery of gifts notifications will be made. 
  • Shipping cost is determined by the price of the gift purchased.
  • To get delivered, depending upon the item , the process will take up to 2 weeks
  • Some orders may include tracking information so you can follow the progress of your gift. 

  •  There is a freedom of cancelling the order 
  • Swapping of gift items and exchanges possible

With all these great features, you will also enjoy the benefits of sharing this post to your friends..........So that they also can gift you on your occasions. Right? 

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