Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Create "Static iFrame" tab in Facebook

If you own a Facebook fan page, then there should be some more information about the page you admin. Like polls, contests, videos, tweets,  your Pinterest pins, etc. This relates to some more tabs on your fan page. There is a facility to add these tabs on your page.

Your present fan page is a page which has text , images , links, videos, likes and comments. Now if you want to add some more stuff to engage in your visitors and fans and stick to your fan page to look for some more updates, then there should be "Custom Tabs" that should be installed. 

The "Tabs" can be installed with the help of "Static iFrame" tab in Facebook. 

Designed by WooBox, you will get a new set of tabs that can be installed in your Facebook page. If you are the "Admin" of that page, set some different types of tabs that will display more stuff about your fan page in details. 

These "Tabs" are nothing but your "Promotional Apps" on page. Different types of tabs that you can add to your page are, polls, contests, coupons, sweepstakes, deal, group deal, rewards, etc. 

Your page visitors will also enjoy visiting your page again and again if tabs like polls, contests and fresh content is frequently added. 

So to engage more fans to your page, add some tabs with the use of "Static iFrame " tab or app.

If you want your Twitter feeds also to display when a user wants to know your recent tweets, then you can add this custom tab to your page too. 

To create a "Static iFrame " Tab in Facebook, all you need :
  • A Facebook Fan Page
  • You should be "Admin " of that page
  • You should know how to use "Graph Search" option in Facebook
When you have all these ingredients ready with you, then you can start with your mission of creating iFrame tabs on fan page.

Steps to add or create an iFrame Tab in Facebook are :

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Go to your fan page 
  • Either by using "Graph search" you can type "Static iFrame Tab" which will lead you to the installing of the tab or directly you can type "" in your new browser tab and then follow the instructions.
  • To start creating and adding tabs, first grant the permission to to access your details. 
  • If you have used "Graph Search" then directly go to the app and click "Install Page Tab" and this will direct you further to "Add Page Tab" and choose the fan page where you want to add tabs.
  • Choose the fan page from the drop down list and click the button.
  • Then change the settings in "Tab Settings"and click "Save Settings" . This will add the type of tab to your page. 
You can see the tab added besides the "About section" of the page. 

The process of adding static iFrame tabs will be made more easier when you directly go to "" website and select the type of tab that has to be added.

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