Thursday, October 10, 2013

Embed entire "Facebook Albums"

Facebook made provisions for embedding a post in your blog or website with an option called as "Embed Post". To this base, according to Digital Trends, now we can embed any Facebook Album entirely in our blog or website with embedded code.They have introduced a new widget that will embed entire Facebook album in your blog or website.

Widget that makes this embedding of Facebook albums possible with the help of a embedded code is "Embed Facebook Gallery". 

There are many sites which will embed your Facebook Gallery entirely like Facebook Galleria, Creamy Code, etc. 

There is a new widget introduced by Embed social known as "Embed Facebook Gallery" that lets you embed entire Facebook album in your website using a HTML code. 

Actually this option is very useful for those who is actually into building websites or blogs. Informative blogs and websites need images and videos to show more information into deep for their visitors. 

Simply just log in to your Facebook account and select any album that you want to embed in your website and follow the instructions in the Embed Social website. Copy link in the address bar and select Embed Facebook Gallery and paste the link into the field. Then lastly select Go option. 

This will bring all your photos in the selected album into your website / blog. 


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