Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to add "Like Box" or "Fan Page" widget to your blog

What is the main intention of creating a "Fan Page", of course to get more visitors to your page and subscribers who can directly visit your fan page instead of searching your blog in Google. And moreover if your blog is not in the top of the Google Search Results, then it is difficult to get readers to your blog. 

When you create a blog or a website, it should be well optimized and well updated with fresh content. Again here "Search Engine Optimization" will be a major task to do so. If you want good amount of visitors to your blog, then using some social widgets will definitely get required results. 

If you have a blog then SEO is needed to bring  it on the top of Google. If you are unaware of deep knowledge of it then adding a simple widget in your blog will bring some good amount of visitors. Again the promotion of your fan page is necessary to make them aware of your page that it exists. 

There are different types of social plugins available in Facebook that you can use for blogs and websites. One of them that is used widely by bloggers and website owners is "Fan Like Box" means a like box which displays the name of the fan page and how many visitors have liked your page. 

Today, your online presence is judged by how many likes and how many subscribers to your page in Facebook. 
To get the widget of your "Fan Page" in Facebook, you have to follow these steps: 
  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Go to "Developers" page in Facebook. 
  • The list of plugins are displayed
  • Select the "Like Box" plugin 
  • Now you need to get the code that has to be embedded in your blog. To get the code, enter your fan page URL in the box provided (See image below)
  • Then select the boxes of your choice if you want to "Show the Friends' faces" and other options if you want to display in the like box widget on your blog
  • Likewise the preview is shown below of the screen when you make changes 
  • After all things done, click on "Get Code" button
  • And you will get the code. Copy it. 

Now the next step is to add the widget in blog.

In your blog, if you are using "", 

  • Go to "Layout" tab
  • Select "Add a Gadget" option 
  • Select "HTML script" gadget 
  • Now paste the code copied here
  • Click on "Save"
  • And click "Save Arrangement" button at the top of the layout window
Now, your blog will have the widget of "Fan Page Like Box" at the place where you selected the gadget. You will get the details of the fan page like the name of the fan page, how many likes etc.

Recently announced about the changes to be made for "Like" and "Share" buttons. These two will be seen besides each other for making any website or article more shareable for traffic generation.

More details you will get at : "Like and Share buttons to get a fresh new look".

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