Thursday, November 7, 2013

Facebook's Famous "Like" and "Share" buttons to get a new look

Who is not familiar with the two famous buttons of Facebook, "Like" and "Share"?? Almost 22 million times a day a user does see them. 
Every post or website or blog today has these two social plugins' code installed to get more and more visitors as they drive more traffic to the blog or website or any article. 

When an article or website or blog is interesting then people do share and like them separately. This adds to new visitors. But to make it more shareable, Facebook has announced that these two buttons will now get a fresh design. 
They two will get dissolved and will be seen besides each other after the change is made to the buttons. 
So you will be able to see the new look as : 

With the buttons placed side by side, people will click them together. This will enhance the blog or website to a greater extent. 

The buttons will be readily available to the public when it is updated by Facebook. If you have the Facebook's social plugins installed on your website or blog then automatically these two buttons will get updated with the new look. 

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