Friday, October 25, 2013

How to add "LiveChat" for Facebook fan page

Social media is helping business to flourish online upto 70-80% today. With the rise in the social media websites popularity people think to gain more online presence and customers using some great tactics and tricks. The tricks for converting visitors into customers is the main kick behind all advertising. 

In social media, Facebook wins the first position and hence businessmen and advertisers use Facebook to advertise more. 

Facebook advertising methods are changing every now and then. Advertisers use different options to get valuable customers to their business. Recently, Facebook launched a new tool, "Stories to Share" for media sites to buzz the happening ads besides their fan pages. 

When there is a Facebook fan page, likes, share and comments are expected from the visitors. If this is not seen the advertisers think that there is something that is lacking for getting customers. Sometimes not only likes and comments matter, but what is actually the reaction of people buying their product or service is also important. This makes them to improve their product and other possible offers that they can use. 

With the reaction of people, again if there are customer grievances, there should be a customer support availability on their fan page. Or else something like "LiveChat" application.

Why "LiveChat" app :

  • Mainly to easy contact with customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction by getting their feedback
  • Support when they are in a need of it for knowing more about your product
  • Get more fans 

If you have your Facebook fan page with just links to your website and some videos, that will not work out for your business. If you want to gain more visitors and customers, you have to gain their hearts by satisfying them.

To your Fan page, if you want to add "LiveChat" app, then do the following: 

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Type "LiveChat for fan pages" in the Graph search box
  • Click on the app 
  • Now click on the button "Add LiveChat to your page"
  • Select the fan page from the drop down list to add the app
  • Click the button below to add
  • Now go to your fan page and hover over to the tabs 
  • Click on the drop down arrow which will enable you to edit the settings of any tab
  • Select the app to edit the settings
  • Enter email and API key for your LiveChat app
  • Click "Activate"button
This will activate your LiveChat app on your Facebook Fan page.


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