Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to conduct "Surveys" in Facebook

Having a Facebook Business page means having valuable content with images, videos, support, usefulness of a certain product, etc. But when your fans or viewers visit your page, they may feel that some product is  fine, some is not etc. 

This feedback should be known by every "Business Page" owner to make better pages and improve the present ones. For this one must add a "Survey" in Facebook. 

Feedback from customers is an important report for business page owners. This will help them to make better experience for the customers or fans. 

The results judge whether a specific point should be added or not or what extra should be added in that fan page or the product or service that will make more exciting for viewers. 

Creating surveys is the best option for knowing the reality of business and fan page. The "Surveys" in Facebook will enable users to create basic questions that people can just click to the answers they think is right. 

People can be able to add their own opinion or options if allowed. 

In order to create interesting "Surveys" , follow these steps: 

  • Click on the name of your "Business Page" 
  • Type "Surveys" in the Graph search   
  • Now click "Start Now" button
  • Enter the description of the survey 
  • You can add the "Introductory" text in the box provided. Here you add what is the purpose of this survey and what will be the next steps that will be taken accordingly
  • Before proceeding, add "Thank You page"
  • If this survey is for a limited period, then add the "Closed Survey Page" by clicking on the specific tab
  • Then proceed to "Next Step : Questions" button
  • The app will ask for your permission to use your profile details. Click "Ok" here and proceed
  • Start adding the question for the survey 
  • Add question, choices for the visitors to select 
  • Select "Question type" to choose the type from the drop down list 
  •  After entering the details of the question, click on the "Submit" button
  • Click "Next" button to proceed
  • The last and the final part of the survey is to "Share" on Facebook 
  • You can see that there are two options to share, either a business page or your personal timeline. Select the "Publish to my Business Page" as you are creating for your business page to get the feedback from fans or viewers. 
  • The app will ask you for granting permission to manage your pages. Click "OK" to proceed

This was the step by step procedure for creating a survey in Facebook.

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