Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to "Tag" friends in a video in Facebook

As you know to "Tag" your friends in status updates and in photos in Facebook, you can do the same tagging in Facebook videos too.

Tagging feature in Facebook lets your friends inform about any new photo or post being updated by you. It is also a great idea to share your feeling with them and having fun.

Just like photos and status updates, you can tag your friends in Facebook videos too. If you know how to do it, then no point in reading this post.

Steps to follow for "Tagging" friends in Videos 

  • Click on the video 
  • Select "Tag Video" option at the bottom of the video
  • Type the name of your friend whom you want to Tag
  • Choose them when the drop down list appears
  • Click Done
Simple way as you tag in images and status, similarly you can do it in Facebook videos.

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