Saturday, November 9, 2013

Teens to get protection by Facebook from "CyberBullying"

Recently Facebook had announced that teenagers may share their posts as public if they wish to. After that Facebook acknowledged declined interest in the social media giant, which made the company to invent a new tool called "Bullying Prevention Hub"
Bullying is using the force or threat to abuse someone very aggressively to impose domination on them. 
Teenagers privacy is of utmost priority and hence the new launch of tool for protecting them from "Online Cyberbullying".

The prevention hub is designed to help teens being getting victims who suffer from from bullying on Facebook.

There are many such cases on Facebook that don't get reported which will now become a part of action against people doing this illegal stuff.

According to Facebook, "With the new Bullying Prevention Hub, we'll be arming bullying victims with information on what they can do when they see harassing content, recommendations to adults who want to help, and even guidance to the person accused of bullying on what he or she has done and how he or she can do better."



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